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Your Developing Baby
Your baby is developing rapidly now, with a weight of 1 ¼ pounds and a length of about 12 inches he should be just as long as an ear of corn. His senses are getting active. He is starting to develop walking and sleeping patterns, his nostrils are opening now, and she is learning to breathe (amniotic fluid for now instead of air). He starts growing real hair on his head and now has walking and sleeping patterns.
At 24 weeks pregnant, the baby looks pretty lean, but that is not a problem as he will soon begin to get plump. He is looking less translucent now as pigment is being deposited, the taste buds are forming, and his finger and foot prints are also being formed.  The baby’s lungs are becoming developed and complex with branches of the main lung forming, as well as special cells which secrete surfactant (a substance that helps his air sacs inflate easily). 

24 weeks of pregnancy

Body Changes at week 24
Your baby bump is now about the size of a soccer ball, and this is hard to disguise. Within the past few weeks, your uterus has gotten about 1 ½ to 2 inches above your belly button. When you are 24 weeks pregnant, the skin on your abdomen and breast is stretching, and this could cause an itch. As a tip, you can use moisturizer on the affected area to soothe the itch. You may also have symptoms like a muscle cramp, tiredness, heartburn, sore feet and dizziness. Dizziness can be reduced by eating regularly as it could be due to low blood sugar level. 

To Do List At 24 Weeks Pregnant
See a Doctor
When you are 24 weeks pregnant, that is the time to make a visit to a health center to do a GST (glucose screening test) this is usually done at 24-28 weeks of pregnancy. This test checks for a pregnancy-related high blood sugar condition called gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is a temporary type of diabetes in which the body’s production of insulin is not enough to regulate the blood sugar level. You are more prone to gestational diabetes when you are 24 weeks pregnant because, at this stage, the placenta is secreting large amounts of hormones that may result in insulin resistance. This condition can cause low blood sugar level for your baby, and it can also make him grow a big upper body thereby hindering safe delivery through the vagina. Symptoms of gestational diabetes are; sugar in the urine, frequent urination, nausea, unusual thirst, and fatigue.
Start planning the nursery
Yes! This is an excellent time to start shopping for your baby’s furniture, curtain rods, bedspread, and all other accessories needed for his nursery. However, don’t get involved in spraying and painting the room as this is bad for your health.
Plan an outing
Your body is changing. With all the cramps and aches, this isn’t exactly the best time to have sex. But you can still spice things up with your partner and relieve the stress by going on a romantic outing or visiting a place you both enjoy. You could even go somewhere you have always wanted to visit. So you see? You don’t have to miss out on the fun!
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